NLMK Corporate University — detailed information

The University

NLMK Corporate University is a center for advanced learning solutions and the dissemination of knowledge accumulated by the Company, world-known best practices, and international expertise.

The University
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Our Mission

We create an effective learning environment to develop leaders capable to ensure the sustainable growth of NLMK Group’s business.

The Corporate University was founded in 2016 to centralize and implement a unified system of management education in NLMK Group. The target audience of the University includes over 6900 Company leaders, our talent pool for leadership positions and leaders all across the NLMK ecosystem.

Our Objectives

To grow NLMK leaders and develop their leadership potential

To improve NLMK’s management system by training to a set of unified work standards

To systematize and disseminate best practices — ultimately leading to the creation of a self-motivated learning organization

To support administrative changes and strategic projects

Learning Solutions
Partnerships and Recognition
Corporate University Campus
Corporate University Campus

A specially equipped innovative center which allows cooperation and an effective working atmosphere for the NLMK ecosystem representatives.

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