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NLMK Corporate University is NLMK Group's management training centre that serves to share the Company's knowledge, best practices and international expertise.

You can learn more about NLMK Corporate University, its products and services under the «University», «Learning Solutions», and «Services».

Learning activities at NLMK Corporate University aim to develop managerial competences in such areas as «strategy and value management», «operational efficiency and safety», «project management and innovation», «leadership and teamwork».

  • In-person - theory and practice sessions in the classroom, where direct communication between participants and the trainer facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills;
  • Remote - an IT platform is used for interactions between the participants and the trainer;
  • Electronic - IT-enabled self-study with 24/7 on-demand content;
  • Mixed - combinations of in-person/remote and electronic formats.

Learning solutions by the Corporate University offer a wide range of comprehensive programmes, in-person/ remote/blended courses, as well as e-learning courses for development of managerial skills. The learning solutions synthesise the knowledge from NLMK Group's top experts and international best practices.

The catalogue of learning solutions offered by NLMK Corporate University is available under «Learning Solutions».

NLMK Corporate University trains managers at all levels, as well as talent pool members both within NLMK Group and at its ecosystem companies.

The Corporate University Campus is located in Lipetsk at 22 Prospekt Mira.

For more information about the facility, see the «Campus» section.

You can contact NLMK Corporate University by phone at +7 (4742) 44 11 11 or email at university@nlmk.com.

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