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NLMK Corporate University is a center for disseminating knowledge accumulated through NLMK’s experience, through the development of our own advanced Learning Solutions, as well as global expertise and best practices.

Learn more about the University and its products in “About the University”, and “Learning Solutions”.

The Corporate University was founded in 2016 to centralize and implement a unified system of management education for the NLMK Group. Learn more about the foundation of the Corporate University and the campus construction in “Campus”.

The mission of NLMK Corporate University is to increase our company’s competitive advantages by developing management competencies of its current leaders and our talent pool for leadership positions. Learn more about the mission and the purposes of the NLMK Corporate University in “About the University”.

NLMK Corporate University Learning Solutions include a wide range of Comprehensive Leadership Programmes, learning courses in face-to-face, online and blended formats, as well as e- Courses for training and development of leaders. Our Learning Solutions present a synthesis of knowledge from NLMK’s own best experts, global experience and best practices.

Learn more about our Learning Solutions in “Learning Solutions”.

NLMK Learning Solutions consist of training courses, Comprehensive Leadership Programmes and programmes for internal trainers. In addition, the Corporate University offers more than 150 e-Courses. Learn more about the NLMK Learning Solutions Portfolio in “Learning Solutions”.

The target audience of the University includes over 6,900 leaders of the Company, as well as our talent pool for leading positions and leaders of the NLMK ecosystem.

The NLMK Corporate University Campus is a learning and cultural complex providing a wide range of services both for the company’s employees and for external clients.

Learn more about the campus in “Campus”.

The campus is built on the site of the former Metallurgical Community Center in Lipetsk at the following address: Prospekt Mira 22, Lipetsk.

For general issues:
+7 4742 44 11 11

For the arrangement of events:
+7 4742 44 20 20

You can also ask us any question by pressing “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page of our site.

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