Academic Council — NLMK Corporate University

Academic Council

The main objective of the Academic Council is to coordinate the work of NLMK Corporate University to maintain uniform standards in the development and implementation of educational solutions for NLMK Group managers.

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The Functions of the Academic Council

To approve the Learning Solutions Portfolio

To review and make recommendations on fields of study, training plans and associated standards

To ensure compliance with unified standards in the development and implementation of the Corporate University’s Learning Solutions

To ensure availability of sufficient resources to support the approved Learning Solutions Portfolio

To ensure communication with business customers when developing and implementing Learning Solutions


The Academic Council generates recommendations on the following issues regarding the Corporate University:

Strategic goals, objectives, and development paths of the Corporate University

Approval of Learning Solutions and Portfolio architecture

Implementation of personnel planning, strengthening the academic staff and improving its performance efficiency

Development of international relations, participation in non-profit organizations that focus on implementing our Learning Solutions

The Academic Council is an advisory body, and it reports to the Board of Directors’ Human Resources, Remuneration, and Social Policies Committee.

Meetings of the Academic Council are held at least twice a year in accordance with the annual meeting schedule.

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