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Train the Trainer 1.0: Fundamentals of Training Skills

Train the Trainer 1.0: Fundamentals of Training Skills
8 hours
Target Audience
Internal trainer

A trainer’s first experience can often be stressful. This Learning Solution enables in-house trainers to create the necessary skill set to conduct an effective learning course. Additionally, it introduces the corporate culture of conducting Learning Solutions at NLMK

Systematize ideas about trainer skills, understand the projections “Trainers’ practices = Part of managerial practices” and “Trainer skills = Part of managerial skills”
After this training the trainers are ready to deliver Corporate University Learning Solutions
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Structure and Content
  • Three Roles of a Trainer for an Adult Audience (Partner, Expert, Inspirer) and Their Connection with the Learning Structure
  • How to Prepare for Learning Solutions
  • Importance of acting as a Partner
  • How to “Sell” a Learning Solutions’s Ideas
  • How to Share Insights with the Audience
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