The Foremen School Programme — NLMK Corporate University
The Foremen School Programme
118 hours
Target Audience
Talent pool for Line Management

This programme is designed to develop managerial competencies among the talent pool for foreman positions to boost the candidates’ efficiency in solving work tasks, as well as to reduce the number of process violations and incidents

Build an understanding of the role of the foreman in the implementation of the Company strategy
Study the tools for managing people and processes at their worksite
Develop people management skills based on Leader Work Standards
Develop general communication skills for interaction within their departmental unit and with other units, focusing on cooperation
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Structure and Content
  • The NLMK Company:
    NLMK History
    Strategy 2017: How the Company responded to the challenges of the macro environment in the period 2014-2017
    Strategy 2022: Strategy goals. NLMK main objectives
  • The NLMK New Manager:
    How to Start as a Manager
    How to Structure Your Own Development
  • Leadership:
    Relevance of Leadership in NLMK
    Understanding Leadership in NLMK
    What is Required of Me?
  • Occupational Health and Safety:
    Managing Hazardous Events
    Safety Behavioral Dialogues: Learn the Basics
    The Whole Truth about the Safety Contact
    Focus on Security During Line Walks
Intermodule Work
  • Leaders’ Work Standard:
    Introduction to LWS: Cascading the vision and setting priorities
    Visual Efficiency Management
    Line Walks
    Performance Talks
    Problem Solving Sessions
    Difficult Conversations
    Delegation, Mentoring
    Assigning Tasks and Monitoring Their Execution
    Team Motivation
  • NLMK Production System (NPS) Tools:
    Introduction to NPS Tools
    Checklist, Standard Operating Procedures / Working Instruction
    Root Cause Analysis Tools
    Control Charts
    Process Mapping, A3, Initiatives
  • Task Management
    Time Management
    Efficiency Management
Intermodule Work
  • Persuasive Communication
    Communication Rules
    Argumentation and Persuasion
    Handling Manipulations and Objections
    Cross-functional Interaction
    Communication Barriers and How to Overcome Them
    Information Transparency and Willingness to Carry on a Dialogue
    Reasoning and Its Tactics
  • Team Development:
    Creating a High-Performance Team
    Team Habits and Ways to Change Them
  • Managing Stress and Emotions:
    Stress Management
    Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management:
    Types of Conflict and Ways to Resolve Them
Intermodule Work
  • Information Analysis and Decision Making:
    The System around Us
    Information Streams and How to Handle Them
    Hypotheses and how to work with them
    System 1 and System 2 Modes of Thought
    Risks of Intuitive Decision-Making
    Collection and Classification of Information
    Algorithms for Information ASnalysis and Decision-Making
  • Economics of Production:
    Selecting Process Optimization Options
    Assessing the Economic Impact of the Initiatives
    Efficient Inventory Management
  • Webinar
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