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Dream 100 Executive Development Programme

Dream 100 Executive Development Programme
208 hours
Target Audience
Talent pool for Top Management

This programme is designed to develop a new level of leaders with profound management competencies, who have a common understanding of NLMK Group strategic goals and objectives, and who are able to implement the Company’s ambitious strategy in the face of changes. The underlying idea of the programme is “The world is bigger than NLMK”— best business practices. Programme is designed and delivered in partnership with one of the world’s leading business schools INSEAD

Develop leaders for new levels, ready to implement innovative solutions and tackle challenges in the context of uncertainty and multiple headwinds
Develop the ability and ambition to be a role model: vision, engagement, motivation, understanding of tools, how to get things done
Study the toolset for the Company’s strategic development in new economic conditions
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Structure and Content
  • Global Macroeconomics: trends, risks, models
  • Modeling: Supply and Demand in the Steel Industry. Conclusions for NLMK
  • Macro Politics: Trends, Threats, Opportunities. Geopolitics and NLMK Business
  • Performance and Progress Integration
  • Human Motivation and Inspirational Leadership
  • Group Coaching: Developing Engaging Leadership Skills
  • Project work
  • Self-Study
  • Leader Resilience in Times of Crisis
  • Value Creation and Commercial Excellence
  • Sustainability: Global Pressures, Consumer Perspectives, and Implications for the Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Sustainability: Impact on Operational Capabilities
  • Organizational Design
  • Understanding and Developing an Ecosystem
  • Cyber-Capital
  • Decision-Making Under Uncertainty
  • Project work
  • Self-Study
  • Individual coaching
  • Outside-In Perspectives
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Culture and Efficiency
  • Energy & Teams
  • Moral Capital
  • Relationships
  • Project Previews
  • Status report on project work after module
  • Project work
  • Internationalization
  • NLMK culture Transformation: Turning Values into Habits
  • The Politics of Persuasion
  • Personal Transformation
  • Group Coaching: Developing Engaging Leadership Skills
  • Presenting Online with Ease and Grace
  • Preparing for Project Defense

Project status report after the module

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