“Level Up” Talent Pool Development Programme — NLMK Corporate University

“Level Up” Talent Pool Development Programme

“Level Up” Talent Pool Development Programme
152 hours
Target Audience
Talent pool for Middle Management

The programme is designed to get the participants ready for the transition to the next management level, increasing their readiness to expand their area of responsibility

Develop leadership potential for facing modern challenges
Develop new competencies for moving on to the next professional and personal growth stage
Create networking among companions
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Structure and Content
  • Basics of Strategic Management
  • Systems Thinking and Decision-Making. Part 1.
    Understanding the Systems Approach
    Formulation and Analysis of Problems
    Generation of Ideas Based on Information Analysis
    Alternative Solutions and Selection
  • Team Work
    The Belbin Team Roles
    Preparation for Teamwork on the Project
  • Creative Thinking
    Development of Applied Creativity
    How Creative Thinking Works
  • Project work
  • Creative Thinking Online Simulator
  • Elective E-learning course
  • Participant activity to master the acquired skills
  • Individual coaching (upon request)
  • Interactive webinar “Distributed Leadership in the Team”
  • Systems Thinking and Decision making
  • Performance Management
  • Systems Thinking and Decision Making, Part 2.
    Estimation of the solution efficiency until its implementation
    Estimation criteria of decisions taken
  • Storytelling in Business: The Story as a Tool at Work
  • Elective Courses:Emotional Intelligence / Energy Sources at Work / Facilitating Leadership
  • Project work
  • E-learning course of your choice
  • Individual coaching (upon request)
  • Interactive webinar “The Resilience of a Leader: How to Manage Your Own Emotional State”
  • Value-based Management
  • Systems Thinking and Decision Making, Part 4. Webinar
  • Data Analysis to Hypothesis Testing. Approaches to Probability Theory. Mathematical Analysis Tools
  • Rationale for Decision Making with Data
  • Impact of Management Decisions on the Value of the Company
  • Company Visits
    Remote meeting with representatives of major business, online tour
  • Making Difficult Conversations
    Evolution of approaches to conflict resolution
    Success triad in a difficult conversation
    Speaking of one’s feelings
    Conflict resolution
    Efficient methods to justify one’s own position
    Algorithm of conflict resolution in essence
  • Change Management: I Am a Change Leader:
    The main reasons and methods to increase adaptability of changes
    Algorithms of working with stakeholders, practices to change mindset and working with resistance
  • Project Defence
  • Summing up the Results of the Programme — Defining the Next Steps in Development
  • Estimation of the “behavior” level efficiency
  • Formation of alumni community
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