What is mentoring? (English mentoring)
A kind of supportive relationship and an effective way to transfer knowledge, wisdom and experience from a more experienced leader to a less experienced one.
An experienced leader who helps a less experienced colleague learn a new role, develop the necessary competencies and achieve goals.
A less experienced employee who, with the support mentor solves specific professional tasks, gains new experience and develops his competencies.
Features of mentoring

Mentoring provides an opportunity:

  • Development of career prospects by expanding horizons of thinking
  • Improving personal effectiveness by developing the necessary competencies and skills
  • Direct interaction with top managers of the company

Examples of needs

Mentoring is relevant when the following challenges/questions arise:

  • Achieving strategic KPIs
  • Complex, complex tasks
  • The need for professional support
  • Building a career route
  • Transition to a new management level

Organization of mentoring
As part of their functional direction, a mentee can choose a mentor at least 2 levels higher than the mentee himself. When choosing a mentor from another functional area, a difference of 1 level is allowed.
The scheme of the organization of mentoring is presented on the example of the organizational structure of the NLMK Group
Rules for the interaction of a mentor and a mentee within the framework of mentoring
Mentee chooses a mentor on his own
Sessions no more than 1 time in 2 weeks, but not less than 1 time per month
The minimum number of sessions is 1
The mentor and the mentee have the right to refuse further interaction
The duration of the session is no more than 45 minutes
A mentor can interact with no more than 2 mentors at the same time
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