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Workshop: How to Be an Effective Co-Trainer

Workshop: How to Be an Effective Co-Trainer
2 hours
Target Audience
Internal trainer

Soon you will be conducting a Learning Solutions course with a partner. What could be easier, it would seem? But if you want to become a role model of partnership for the participants, you should answer the following questions:

  • How should you and your co-trainer interact to make your partnership a tool for participant engagement and holding their attention rather than losing it?
  • How do we uncover each other’s potential as trainers instead of overshadowing one another?
Develop the skill of managing a group in a pair or in a team with other moderators
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Structure and Content
  • Analyzing Actual Cases From In-house Trainer Practice
  • Differences in Group Dynamics with Co-trainers
  • Preparing to Work with a Co-trainer. Preparation Elements that are Important, but Not Obvious
  • Putting the Group Back on a Constructive Track if Co-trainers Make Behavioral Mistakes
  • Practice
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