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NLMK Production System

NLMK Production System
Learning Area

Operational Efficiency and Safety

9 hours
Target Audience
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Line Management

This Learning Solutions is aimed at forming a unified concept and information base about the NLMK Production System, the Company’s tools and practices

Introduce the NLMK Production System concept
Provide an insight into the role of the Production System concept in achieving the company’s Primary Objective and in strategy implementation
Provide insight into the gains from Production Systems deployment
Provide insight into Production Systems applicability and the effectiveness of Production Systems tool deployment via resolving practical business cases
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Structure and Content
  • Long-read: the Challenges of the USSR Hockey Team
  • Overview: What is NLMK Production System (NPS)?
  • Production System Evolution: External and Internal Development Factors
  • Production System History: The Production System Development Path in NLMK
  • The Four Elements of the Production System
  • The Role of Leader Work Standards in Production System Development
  • Economic Gain from NPS Deployment
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