The NLMK Manager — training courses NLMK Corporate University
The NLMK Manager
Learning Area

Leadership and Teamwork

8 hours
Target Audience
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Line Management

This Learning Solution prepares the leader-to-be with skills for quick adaptation to his or her new roles, as well as a survey of the tools and possibilities of team development

Adapt to the new leadership role
Study the key HR processes in NLMK
Master a tool set for the team’s development
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Structure and Content
  • NLMK Group Administrative and Legal Structure
  • Getting to Know the Team through the SAP SF System
  • Annual Cycle of HR Activities
  • MBO
  • MBI
  • The Talent Pool
  • Career Committees
  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • The NLMK Competencies Model
  • On-boarding
  • Benefits and Programmes for NLMK Employees
  • Non-financial Motivation
  • The Role of the Manager in an Employee’s Growth
  • The Role of the Corporate University in Learning and Development
  • The Role of the Technical University in Learning and Development
  • The Individual Development Plan
  • Coaching
  • The Mentoring System
  • Development tools
  • HiPo
  • Career Paths
  • Corporate Contests
  • Map of Production Manufacturing
  • Divisional-process Management Model
  • Principles of Administrative Structure Formation
  • Division of Positions into Grades
  • Changing Administrative Structures and Headcounts
  • Appointment to a New Position
  • Employee Release Programme
  • A Warm Goodbye
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