The NLMK Company — training courses NLMK Corporate University
The NLMK Company
Learning Area

Strategy and Value Management

8 hours
Russian, English
Target Audience
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Line Management

This Learning Solution is focused on forming a systematic understanding of NLMK, its place in the macro environment and the area of its strategy, as well as its management features

To form a common understanding of NLMK as a company, its place in the macro-environment and industry, and its main efficiency drivers
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Structure and Content
  • Macro-Environment, Part 1: Long-term Growth and Cyclical Nature
  • Macro-environment, Part 2: Global and Congruent Nature
  • Macro-environment, Part 3: Conservatism and Capital Intensity
  • Macro-environment, Part 4: The Impact of China
  • NLMK Background: The Company’s Development and its Competitive Strengths
  • Strategy 2017: Our Response to Market Challenges in 2014–2017
  • Strategy 2022: Strategy Goals — NLMK’s Main Objective.
  • Over 30 films about NLMK
  • “The White Book of Steel”
  • Steeluniversity Website
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