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Change Management: I Am the Change Leader

Change Management: I Am the Change Leader
Learning Area

Operational Efficiency and Safety

8 hours
Target Audience
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Line Management

This Learning Solution is aimed at developing an understanding of the principles and skills of planning the stages of implementing large-scale changes in the organization, understanding practices for working with barriers and increasing the adaptability of changes

Introduce the principles and algorithms of managing modification projects in NLMK: “How do I manage the effectiveness of modification projects?”
Build an understanding of the main causes and ways to increase the ability to adopt changes: “What prevents the adoption of changes?”
Form an understanding of algorithms for working with stakeholders, practices for changing attitudes and working with resistance: “What can the change team do to help the manager and the participants of the changes?”
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Structure and Content
  • Leaders’ and Teams’ Roles in Change Management
  • Roles in the Team, Cycle of Team Development
  • The Scott and Jaffe Model of Change Phases
  • Determination of Project Stakeholders
  • People’s Emotions at Every Stage: Negation, Resistance, Research, Agreement
  • Action Tactics at Every Change Phase
  • Communication Tactics
  • Changes Barriers
  • Check of Changes Ability to Adapt
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