Change Management: I Am an Active Change Agent — training courses NLMK Corporate University

Change Management: I Am an Active Change Agent

Change Management: I Am an Active Change Agent
Learning Area

Operational Efficiency and Safety

7 hours
Target Audience
  • Top Management
  • Middle Management
  • Line Management

This Learning Solution provides an understanding of the importance of implemented changes and of the importance of the leader’s role in the effective implementation of such changes

Develop the skills of applying tools for staying resilient: What can I do to assist myself in the change process?
Provide insight into the principles of working with employees during the change process: What can a manager do to better engage his or her team in change?
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Structure and Content
  • The VUCA Concept Using the Example of NLMK
  • Natural Human Reactions to Change. What Enables Us to Adapt to Change?
  • Risks of Remaining Static
  • My Leadership Behaviour and Consequences of my Behaviour Model Choice
  • Change Phases (Scott and Jaffe Model)
  • Leader Tactics: How to Help Employees Go through Change Stages, with NLMK Examples
  • What is expected of managers in the change process?
  • Algorithm of communicating with the team
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